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On the Commons with Julio Robaina Print
Problems in HOAs?  Really?  Ask anyone, your problems are easy to fix if your problems are with your HOA.  1) you can move and 2) you can “throw the bums out”.  We’ve all heard those simple solutions, right?  Recall a board?  There ought to be a law about it.  There was. 
Joining us On The Commons this week is Julio Robaina.  Julio has long been a friend of homeowners, first as a legislator in Florida and now as a partner in a management company, Pazos, Robaina & Zapata Management Group  working in the private sector.  We catch up with Julio, talk about the laws he put in place as a legislator and the laws that are being overturned now.  We talk about the problems homeowners face and we discuss what the homeowners need to do to ensure that they are protected. As I drove home from the studio the tune From Both Sides Now kept playing in my head.  Tune in and you’ll understand why.   Listen to Julio   

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