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On the Commons with Jean Winters Print
Does a homeowners’ association board have a duty to know and understand the authority they are granted by the laws and governing documents and the duties they have to the association and its members?  When a board exceeds its authority and starts enforcing rules they never had the ability to adopt in the first place, the members of the association end up having to pay the price.  And some homeowners in particular pay an even bigger price.
Joining us On The Commons this week is Jean Winters.  Jean is an attorney in Florida who appears to follow the letter of the law and represents homeowners.  In a recent court case win she managed to unearth a number of wrongs that had been ongoing for almost a quarter of a century.  Join us to find out about the particulars of the case, the laws in Florida and the sad story about one of the victims of a board who strayed outside the lines of their authority.   Listen to Jean Winters   

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