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On the Commons with the Farrans Print
Rumor has it that HOA boards and managers can do anything they want because homeowners have, by buying an association controlled house, ceded all their rights.  
The very existence of an HOA creates problems in neighborhoods that would never otherwise occur.   The respect one once had for their neighbor, and the sense of community and pride people had for each other have been replaced by hate, discontent and a very adversarial relationship.  So, what happens when the power vested in the few is stripped?  
Joining us On The Commons this week are Maria and Sam Farran . Maria is an attorney and Sam is a businessman and between them they have a good understanding of both the law and how to run a successful business.  But as homeowners in an HOA controlled development they knew they still had rights and they also understood that in order to have a successful business, customers must be treated with respect.  Join us as we learn about their 4 year odyssey through the courts, their wins every time, and when the dust settled,  what happened in their neighborhood.  Listen to the Farrans    

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