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On the Commons with Frank Short Print
Our residential neighborhoods have increasingly become war zones as those in positions of power have systematically torn down any and all remaining defenses left to individual homeowners.  Sadly the totally ridiculous reasons given for the need for all these powers seem to have taken root and are glibly repeated by the very people who have the most to lose, the homeowners.  Additionally, we hear over and over again that the owners have chosen to live under the rules and restrictions in associations.  No doubt a few have, but most people value their autonomy and their peace and quiet and would never agree to the sheer stupidity that makes up our controlled developments. 
On The Commons this week we are joined by Frank Short. Frank, an attorney and advocate for individual and property rights is a frequent contributor to the show.  Frank has done our St Patrick’s Day show every year since the beginning.  We have howled like wolves, giggled and been serious in the past.  Please join us On The Common.  We'll talk about proposed legislation and a bill waiting the Governor’s signature and what they mean.  We will also have a dramatic rendition of an actual court scene.  You just have to hear it to believe it.  
Listen to Frank  
User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2011-03-30 09:56:16
Excellent presentation!  
Just wish we lived in VA and not New Orleans AND that I'd heard it before our Association Board voted themselves a 'fine structure' into existence ($100 a day for major violations, $50 a day for minor violations), stuffed a copy into our mailbox (they claim), then within a month proceeded to fine us, without deigning to even drop us a note exactly what they were fining for, and then sued us for $230,000.00 almost 5 years later. Not kidding.  
Yes, they 'invited' us to a hearing, we sent a letter (which wasn't read!) - and then we were half-devastated by H. Katrina within 2 weeks and never heard anymore about it - until a 'bill' for over $4K with the only explanation as 'ongoing fines' several months later. The beginning of the end. 
Five years later, 3 years after we move in terror of massive 'ongoing fines' the Hon. Judge Piper Griffin awarded them $180,000.00. Currently in appeal. $70K in legal fees thus far.  
She awarded them the motherlode for the 'crimes' of: 
1). A brick flower border - identical to dozens of others all over the community that they claimed, successfully it turned out, was unapproved - although it was present in an approved driveway upgrade submission years earlier. 
And 2) An invisible therapeutic jacuzzi, surrounded by the large private home in a nook, and invisible to anyone except from our dining window - AND that was removed almost 4 years ago. But the Judge saw fit to make the $100 per day fine for it UNTIL PAID - thus its still clanging up! Absent for 4 years yet fined daily. STILL. TODAY. 
PLUNDER AND PILLAGE? Ya think? I think the correct terms are 'criminal financial rape and extortion - aggravated, and with maximum prejudice!' Someone should serve time for this nonsense! Its nothing but terror, right here at home. 
Judith L. Corey MD 
New Orleans, LA 
English Turn POA vs. Greg Kempton et al (Dr. Corey is the only 'et al') 
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