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On the Commons with Frank Short Print

It's that time of year again when your state representatives gather to figure out ways to strip you of more rights and this year is no different.  Homeowners should find the bills that have been filed in their respective states and think them through very carefully.  That is something your elected officials claim they don't have the time for before they sponsor and vote on the bills.  Most of the laws that have been enacted have been pro association, tilting the balance away from the individual. 
On The Commons this week we are joined by Frank Short. Frank is a frequent guest on the show and a long time advocate for homeowner and individual rights.  Frank has been following the bills proposed in Virginia this year and gives us a run down of the bills, who sponsored them and what they mean.  For more information on what those pesky legislators are up to in VA, check out  Find the bills, vote on them and comment on them. Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk about the bills, go a little beyond the pretty words and focus on what they really mean.   Listen to Frank Short    


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Comment by GUEST on 2010-02-02 14:13:53
The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has assumed too much power regarding the needs and wants of common interest community associations and members. Through its lobbyists, CAI has convinced the legislature that it speaks for its membership when in fact the membership (i.e., the homeowner) knows nothing more than what they learn from the association's general counsel, the manager, and the management company. HB516 was a sham, placing unelected appointees in a position to determine what is right for the homeowner. In fact, the law enacted as a result of HB516 is nothing more than "The Atorneys Full Employment Act". The same can be said for the current crop of bills (SB388, HB468, especially HB496, and HB 1102) working their way through this legislative session. 
--J. Gault
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