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On the Commons with Tom DeWeese Print

Many in America attempt to fight against one issue or another as they try to understand what is happening to their country.  But most fail to see the whole picture and are being crushed under a well organized “divide and conquer” tactic that keeps them reeling from crisis to crisis. 

America is drowning in a sea of rules and regulations. We all know something is very wrong and we are trying to fix it.  These are all quotes from our guest today. While he was not talking about HOAs, he could have been. 
On The Commons this week we are joined by Tom DeWeese. Tom is the founder and president of the VA based American Policy Center. He is the editor in chief of the DeWeese Report, a writer, publisher, businessman, grassroots activist, a regular on radio and television shows, a national and international speaker on the preservation of private property rights and  against intrusive environmental regulations.  He is a firm believer is protecting constitutionally guaranteed rights of property and individual freedoms.  Please join us On The Commons  We'll talk about the rights and freedoms Americans are losing on a daily basis and we'll find out how these rights and freedoms translate to HOAs.   Listen to Tom DeWeese   


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