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On the Commons with Elaine Musser and Dr. Rene Alvir Print
It is well documented that stress can wreak havoc with our physical and mental well being.  Stress destroys our body's immune system, making us more susceptible to a whole host of problems, from headaches to ulcers, to eating disorders to more life threatening problems including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and ultimately death.  While stress can not be completely eliminated from our lives, what can we do to avoid unnecessary stress?  Is it possible for the stress caused by HOA living lead to chronic health problems and even death? 
On The Commons with Shu this week are Elaine Roberts Musser, an attorney with Building Bridges, a California based organization dedicated to preventing elder abuse. And in the studio Shu is joined by Dr Rene Alvir.  Dr Alvir is a retired physician in Northern Virginia who is well versed on how stress affects our health. Please join us On The Commons.  We'll follow the story of one senior condo owner who had been battling her association for a couple of years and we'll get a medical opinion on how the chronic and relentless stress she was under could have contributed to her poor health and ultimate death.    
Listen to Elaine Musser and Dr. Rene Alvir
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