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Jan Bergmann and Jerry Melvin Print

When mandatory membership homeowner associations first started being mass produced, the "restrictions" were minimal and the powers associations had were limited. But gradually, as homeowners accepted the restrictions and refrained from questioning the authority of associations, HOAs became more an accepted part of residential America and were elevated from a concept of a community of homeowners managing their surroundings to a neighborhood with a larger municipal role, increased authority and greater statutory powers. How did we allow it to happen? Is it too late to turn back the clock?

On The Commons with me first is Jan Bergemann. Jan, President of the Florida based Cyber Citizens for Justice (, has been working tirelessly to return fairness to Florida's many HOA owners. Among his many achievements this past year has been hiring a lobbyist for the homeowners. We'll find out why this is such an important step and how he and his fellow Floridians managed to kick up their battle to the next level.

During the second half of the show we are joined by Jerry Melvin ( - ) Jerry, a former legislator and host of his own radio show in Florida, is the country's first, and thus far only, homeowner lobbyist. Being no stranger to the how the legislature works, he is the ideal choice to pave the way for more balance in the statutory powers in associations. Please join us On The Commons.  We'll meet Jerry and talk to him about his plans for the upcoming legislative session.

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