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Much has been written about what mandatory membership homeowner associations are - and aren't. That there are problems is irrefutable but there is little agreement as to what the real problems are and just who is to blame for these problems. Quite understandably these perceptions and beliefs are based on personal experience. However, I believe that getting a grasp of what we are dealing with is not a simple matter and requires some effort to see all the parts. It is a bit like an enormous jig saw puzzle and until we get all the pieces fitted together, and locked in place, to form a big picture, we'll still be relying on a small piece to guess at what it means.

On The Commons with me this week is Frank Short. Frank, a friend, attorney and fellow individual and property rights advocate, is known to many of you and is an old friend of the show. Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk about a few of the pieces of this puzzle.   Download Frank Short
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