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Mika Sadai Part 2 Print

It is easy to sweep something under the rug and ignore it if it only affects one person, or a small minority of people in any group.  It is also easier to intimidate and force one person, or a small group of people, to acquiesce when they are outnumbered, outgunned and outpowered.  Throughout history "divide and conquer" has been used very effectively and that strategy is still being used today.  That tactic is also very prevalent in homeowner associations throughout the county.  "It's just an isolated incident", "It's just a disgruntled homeowner", "It's just a troublemaker out to cause dissention in the neighborhood".  If one were to accept those explanations for the horror stories one hears about, it would be easy to just "sweep the problem under the rug" and go on with life, wouldn't it?  But rumor has it that there is strength in number.  What happens when people come together in a show of unity and solidarity?  Is it still going to be easy to ignore the issues?

On The Commons this week is part two of a two part show.  For the past several years, Mika Sadai of Tucson, Arizona has been sitting in court with her attorney, Tom Jacobs, trying to enforce the provisions of the "contract" that runs with the land in her association.  Their opponents at the other table have numbered as many as 5 attorneys.  But something almost magical happened during the last hearing - the courtroom was full of people.  People who live in the area took time out of their daily schedules to attend the hearing, folks from other parts of Arizona drove several hours to offer their support and yet others either drove or flew in from all over the country to attend and lend their support.  Several of the people volunteered to join us On The Commons and share their thoughts and observations and talk about the experience of traveling to Tucson and what it meant to them personally.  In addition to Mika and Tom, please join Pat Haruff, Patrick Dougherty, Rep. Ted Downing, Nancy Barr, Rauni Armbruster and "Gloria" On The Commons.  Perhaps the time has come to prove that the abuses we hear about are not "isolated" and that there really is strength in numbers. 
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User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2013-02-24 17:03:12
It's odd that Mika would fight a HOA, especially based on her question "do you own your home or does the HOA own it?". That's a question a conservative would ask. Someone who encourages gov't dominance should not be addressing this sort of question.
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