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It is a well known fact that stress and worry can cause both physical and mental health problems. A certain amount of stress is normal and fortunately many problems are short lived and quite manageable - and some problems can be solved, thus eliminating the source of the stress. But there are times when folks find themselves trapped in a web of abuse spun by those in positions of authority, with no easy way out. What happens when people in a position of authority abuse their power and make life a living hell for their victims? How does the stress affect them mentally and physically? What does it all mean for society as a whole?

*On The Commons this week is Karin Huffer. Karin, a therapist with over twenty years experience working with victims of such abuse, is the author of "Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome". You can read more about Karin and her thoughts and observations about the affects of the abuse of power and lack of unaccountability on her web page .  Karin's email address is .  Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll compare the abuses of out of control associations to the examples and cases Karin uses in her book and we'll talk about just how the stress of living in a homeowners' association can, and does, affect people's health.  Download Karin Huffer

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Comment by GUEST on 2010-03-15 20:42:23
Karin's email is now  
Just thought I should share and thank you for the support! This is Karin's daughter-in-law, so it is honest information.
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