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Close in suburbs are being bulldozed and replaced by high rise, high density urban style development. Along with all this building, the American Dream of owning a single family home, in the middle of a lush green lawn, framed by a white picket fence is being demolished. Instead, suburban residential America today is looking more and more like a cheaper, more shoddily built version of the urban centers Americans worked hard to escape. But is it really necessary to destroy great segments of our immediate past? Or is there a hidden agenda behind all this redevelopment?

On The Commons this week is Tom De Weese. Tom, the founder and President of the Virginia based American Policy Center, is a long time advocate for individual and property rights. He also believes that there is strength in numbers so along with 7 other organizations, Tom is sponsoring a national conference to be held in Reno, Nevada this July. The three day conference will cover a wide array of topics that are all intertwined and related to protecting the rights of the individual. For more information on the conference go to Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll talk a little about the all the redevelopment we are seeing in terms of the bigger picture. We'll also talk a little about the conference and we'll find out a little about the topics that will be covered.  Download Tom DeWeese
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