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The first thing most homeowners facing problems with their homeowner associations are told is, "You should have read your governing documents before buying the house". However, the power associations have comes not only from the governing documents but laws enacted by state legislators. And legislators aren't always aware of just how a new bill, combined with existing laws, would affect their constituents. One way of alerting them of the effects proposed legislation would have in any given area is by communicating concerns to them. Not always easy when the elected officials are known to be unresponsive.

On The Commons this week are Michael Golden ( and Frank Short. Michael, a native Virginian, an attorney and a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, has demonstrated his willingness to talk to his fellow citizens, return phone calls and discuss the concerns they have. Frank, also an attorney, is a frequent guest and champion of the individual. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll get to know Michael, find out about the issues he cares about and we will discuss the issues that are important to those of us who are fighting to protect the sanctity of our homes.  Download Michael Golden

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