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There is a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation surrounding mandatory membership common ownership developments. Over the years much has been attributed to homeowner associations and the rights of the members who live in them. One such maxim is that members voluntarily give up any and all constitutionally protected individual and property rights. Is there any truth to this adage? And doesn't the Constitution talk about "unalienable" rights?

On The Commons this week is David Lindsey. David, one of the founders and chairman of a new organization based in southern Virginia called the Unalienable Rights Foundation , has a background in Constitutional law. Also joining us in the second half is Stephen Merril, an attorney and co-founder of the organization.  Although a new organization, the Unalenable Rights Foundation has already been active in filing "Friend of the Court" briefs on behalf of property owners. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll find out whether 60 million Americans who live in HOAs have any rights left and we'll explore ways to protect what the founding fathers called "unalienable" rights.  Download David Lindsey
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