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For people who are not particularly fond of surprises and who favor restrictions, a covenant against a new structure - or a remodel of an existing one - without some approval process by the neighborhood, may sound reasonable. But when unreasonable people find themselves in a position of authority, what isn't always reasonable is the way these restrictions are interpreted and implemented. And when the situation gets completely out of hand, a trip to the courthouse often is the result. But can the loser sue for legal fees? Can they foreclose to collect those fees?

On The Commons this week is Barry Silver. Barry, a Florida Attorney, successfully represented George and Anne Andres, the Jupiter Florida couple in their case to fly their flag from a flagpole on their property. The association then attempted to foreclose to collect legal fees in the case they lost. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll get a snap shot picture of how and when these problems started, and we'll try to understand the how the association is entitled to collect legal fees.  Download Barry Silver
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