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The word community conjures up feelings of belonging, of being part of something bigger than ourselves, and of an implied sense of strength. It is a way of life we believe existed years ago, back when folks were born and lived their entire lives being friends, family and neighbors. It is the stuff many dreams are made of. But that sense of small town living, of knowing everyone, of being able to leave your doors unlocked are long gone. Today life is so very different. But do we have to lose that hometown feeling? Can we recapture that feeling of unity we believe was once a normal part of every day life?

On The Commons with me this week is Lincoln Cummings. Linc owns his own homeowner association management consultant firm in Northern Virginia, Cummings and Associated, Inc., is also one of the three founders of the Community Associations Institute (CAI). Please join us On The Commons. We'll hear all about the early days of associations and a little of the history of CAI. We'll learn about the visions the founders had and what they hoped to build. You'll want to catch this one.  Download Linc Cummings
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