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In an ideal world the concept of a condominium has a lot to offer, especially for empty nesters, the elderly and young singles. For a monthly fee, the tasks and chores of a more traditional form of homeownership are eliminated, leaving the homeowners with time to climb the corporate ladder, to travel and enjoy their retirement or spend their golden years in a safe, well maintained environment. But the reality of condominium living is far from ideal. The young and old who end up living in this form of housing, far from finding the peace of mind they envisioned - and thought they bought - instead often find themselves in the fight of their lives. What went so wrong? Can anything be done about it?

On The Commons this week is Dr. Virgil Rizzo. Dr Rizzo was recently appointed by the Governor of Florida to fill the newly created position of ombudsman for condominiums. Currently legislation is being considered to expand his job description to include homeowner associations as well. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll talk about his new job, the calls and complaints he gets, what he envisions the problems to be and how he plans on solving them.  Download Virgil Rizzo

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