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Frank Short Print

A hidden camera in a 600 year old oak tree in Tipperary, Ireland is trying to find and capture an image of a Leprechaun. So far the only images this particular camera has captured are those of hills of green, shamrocks and fields of emerald grass. While the camera lens remains focused on a known fairy ring in a Glen in Cloongallon, one of those impish Leprechauns, along with his Irish Wolfhound, McDuff, found his way into our WEBR studios. But did they find a pot of gold on their trip here? What else did McDuff find?

On The Commons this week is Leprechaun Frank Short and McDuff. Frank, an attorney and well known advocate for individual rights, is a frequent guest, joins us for our annual St Patrick's Day show. Please join us On The Commons. We'll discuss some of the stories in the news and we'll find out exactly what McDuff found and why he is so agitated.  Download Frank Short

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