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Ensuring compliance with the governing documents of an HOA and enforcing state laws regulating mandatory membership associations, without having to go to court to do so, continues to be the single biggest issue facing homeowners. How to address the problem remains the subject of much debate. Obviously homeowners believe the real government has a duty and responsibility to its citizens to protect them from the abuses they encounter in their developments. Most government representatives shake their heads, profess to be sympathetic to the concerns but explain that since the relationship between the homeowner and the association is a contractual one, there is really nothing they can do to help. But that notion seems to be changing. Florida and Virginia have approved job positions without actually providing any real oversight. And other states are starting to consider the idea of proposing something. But is this the answer?

On The Commons this week is Senator Mike Schneider. "Senator Mike" as he affectionately known, is a Nevada State Senator who has long championed the notion of providing some adult supervision to his constituents who live in home and condo associations. Nevada was the first state to have an ombudsman to oversee associations. But that oversight mechanism is still evolving in Nevada. Please tune in to On The Commons, we'll talk about the concept of the ombudsman, we'll find out how well it has worked in Nevada and learn about the new hearing panel that has been empowered to hear complaints.

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