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Property values are soaring in the current real estate boom that has swept the country recently. Reports of homes that have doubled, tripled and quadrupled in value in the last year or two are hard to miss. Homeowners are naturally happy about it but so are local governments, who base property taxes on the assessed value of the property. Along with soaring house values come already bloated tax bills that are also double, triple and quadruple what they were in the recent past. And tax payers who own property in mandatory membership associations are still having to pay their associations for the services their tax dollars were supposed to pay for. What can be done to stop this form of double taxation? Are HOA property owners doomed to pay double, triple and quadruple for traditional municipal services or can they fight back?

On The Commons this week is Richard Brooks. Richard, an attorney with the law firm of Marcus, Errico, Emmer and Brooks in Massachusetts, relying on a state law, has managed to make a small dent in this issue, one association and one local municipal government at a time. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll learn a bit more about double taxation, we'll talk about what Richard has accomplished in his small corner of the world and we'll explore ways to help tax payers keep more of their tax dollars.

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