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It is the time of year when legislators around the country gear up for another round of either promoting their bills or killing those of their political opponents. And homeowners, once again, try to impress on their representatives the importance of enacting legislation to protect individual homeowners' properties and rights. Stripping associations of the power to foreclose remains the ultimate goal but a close second is remove the statutory authority associations currently enjoy of fining members for any number of alleged infractions. And of course, these sanctions alone can result in the loss of a home is many states. But how does a citizen convince a law maker that ending the terror of fines and foreclosures are the right bills to sponsor?

On The Commons this week is a rebroadcast of the outstanding discussion of the Gillman and Foley cases by Frank Short. Frank outlines the constitutional arguments in both cases and ties them together in a way that makes it very easy for the average citizen to follow and understand. Please tune in to On The Commons,  even if you have heard this show before, now is a good time for a refresher. Also, both cases can be found on our links page.  Download Frank Short
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