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Not too many years ago citizens bought a parcel of land and built a house in which to live and raise their families. The concept was a simple one, the owner enjoyed all the rights conferred by ownership along with all the constitutional protections afforded any citizen. But that was before homeowner associations took over residential America. The rights of ownership were no longer simple, in fact some would argue that they no longer existed. As more and more problems and inequities became evident, homeowners in these newfangled developments began to wake up to the fact that all the rights they were accustomed to enjoying in their own homes had been eroded. There was something very wrong with this turn of events and many homeowners turned to their elected officials for help.

On The Commons with me is Representative Lucy Mason. Representative Mason is a fairly new Arizona legislator who has, understandably, been described by her constituents as their "angel". Having heard from many Arizona homeowners, she just introduced several bills designed to restore many of the rights and protections her fellow Arizona HOA owners have lost. And joining me in the studio is Frank Short, attorney and advocate for individual homeowners in HOAs.  Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk about the problems encountered by homeowners, discuss the bills she has sponsored and find out how we can help her get them through.

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